Obligatory Story: WRYMOUTH's Manly Forecast

The Colts favored by 7 points?

Take the Bears and the points. You won't be sorry. That is all.


Oh, too bad for the City of Big Windbags — the wrong Rex Grossman showed up in the second half (likely perturbed by all the Prince hoopla at halftime), playing uncannily like some other Chicagoans of sports note:

Rex won't be able to buy himself dinner in Chicago for a very long time. Not because other people will pick up the tab; only because no one will let him eat in the greater Chicago area.

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  • 4 Feb 2007, 3:09 PM CogitoErgoDem wrote:
    Due to a dearth of first run movies I want to see, I'll be spending the next few hours either at a Barnes and Noble or looking for movies to rent.

    (I do want to see 'Last King of Scotland' eventually, but I'm not in much of a 'long pig' mood today.)

    I suppose I favor the Bears in the Super Bowl. Meh.
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