Stickin' It to The Man (Peace Be Upon Him)

Thanks to Gates of Vienna, we got wind of some never-say-die types who have produced a musical showing at next month's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We salute the Scots, again, for their usual attitude towards Those Who Would Oppress. And here's hoping any Euro-trash CAIR organisations won't back them down.

There's a time and a place for "art" such as Walt Disney and Spike Jones' Der Fuehrer's Face.

[Odd synchronicity fact: for background music while I write this, my iTunes selection has shuffled up "Istanbul not Constantinople" by the Four Lads.]

Click here for "I wanna be like Osama."

No — it's not high-caliber stuff, like Tom Lehrer's "National Brotherhood Week" or "The Vatican Rag," but it'll do until something better comes along.

How does this fit in with my nascent Christianity, and its admonitions to "love your neighbor," & c.?

Don't misapply your scriptural commands. We are, in my current understanding, called upon to revere God and persons, in that order. Cockamamy ideas aren't on the list, and I am pigeonholing "killing civilians in ice-cream parlors to defend God's honor" as a cockamamy idea.

So jibe away.

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