Fidel Castro Resigns; God Triumphs Easily in a Walk

Fidel Castro resigned.

In other news, The Late Dr. Mrs. Wry Mouth and I walked over much of London, including Fleet Street and environs. At the apex, we visited in rapid succession The Lincoln's Inn Chapel, a cozy little place dedicated by Jon Donne (that poet guy), and the Temple Church, which was closed (open Thursday though). The Temple Church was laid out by those Knights Templar guys. For those of you unfortunate enough to have labored through Dan Brown's DaVince Code, yes it is that Temple Church. Finally, up Fleet Street, Christopher Wren's St. Martin-in-Ludgate and, barely a few hundred meters up the street, St. Paul's Cathedral. Kudos to the Late Dr. Mrs. for lining up the approach to St. Paul's so that we could connect these dots. Some of the most interesting parts of London are not on the main streets, but in the many, many back-sides and alley-ways one finds tucked away from the main tourist routes.

Now, setting aside the impact of the interior of St. Martins, and the exterior of St. Paul's, we were fortunate enough to be turned away at St. Paul's, as touring hours were over at 4 pm.

There was, however, an evening prayer service at 5 pm.

And so my first impression of St. Paul's was as a living church, the choir singing from the Book of Psalms as the Late Dr. Mrs. and I took seats beneath the dome of the cathedral, impossibly high and wide, and looked up toward the front of the church, impossibly distant, and high, and wide, candle-lit and inviting one to disappear into the space.

So why is my vision blurring; my face flushed?

Final score: God 4, Fidel Castro nil.

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