"Make An In-Vitro Chicken, Win $1 Million From PETA"

I must say, that's one attention-grabbing title to see in your Outlook email inbox. At work. And yet, there it was, from 
Manufacturing.Net — one of the many industry rags I don't consciously subscribe to but get anyway. Seemingly apropos of nothing, at least this particular meaningless gesture does not contain the premeditated provocation so many PETA stunts do.

Now, where did I put those chicken stem cells? I think I'm keeping them in that carton of eggs in the fridge...

"Soylent Beige is CHICKEN!!"

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  • 26 Apr 2008, 5:11 PM Wry M wrote:
    I may work up past the ennui to look into this further, but I have had long correspondences with bona-fide PETA Kool-Aid drinkers. Thus, I have no illusions regarding their ability to utterly fail to see that an "in-vitro" chicken would, in all ways important to them, be pretty much the same as a regular chicken.

    Unless, as is possible, they may believe that "in-vitro" organisms (chickens, cows, humans, etc.) have no souls?

    I can say, at this point in my experiences, that I have not met any group of like-minded people who exceed PETA for intellectual and logical disingenuous...ness.
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  • 26 Apr 2008, 5:16 PM Wry M wrote:
    Rats. I worked up past the ennui, and have thereby negated most of my previous comment. They want test-tube meats, and, being a hot-dog eater, I will go along with that.

    However, since PETA tends to inculcate a "militant vegan" mindset in its members, I can't get beyond suspecting they have some underlying agenda beyond the development of Space Food Meat.

    Although, come to think of it, I now dibs "Space Food Meat" as a product name.
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