Maybe Some Good News About the "Energy Crisis," At Last

In response to President Bush's rather tepid proposal to lift some of the restrictions on the USA's development of the USA's resources:

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic majority leader, reacted quickly to the president’s remarks on Wednesday. “This week’s flip-flop on offshore oil drilling by President Bush and Senator John McCain is nothing more than a cynical campaign ploy that will do nothing to lower energy prices..."

Obviously, this observation of Reid's is good news and a sound argument for proceeding to drill enthusiastically. Remember, this is the guy who said:

and also:

My advice, based on Reid's track record? DRILLS AWAAAAAAYYY!!!1!

More seriously, let's hope this is the start of a sustained, "Man on the Moon" type effort to responsibly use our resources, or at least the start of a deep, sustained, and well-played Bluff to drive speculators out of the market.

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  • 19 Jun 2008, 7:17 PM Cog wrote:
    Why bluff the speculators out of the market? How about reinstating some regulations that were surreptitiously deep sixed in 2000 by now-McCain economic advisor Phil Gramm?

    This story on this week's 'Marketplace' on NPR explains the particulars.

    (If you look in the comments section you may come across some guy in Houston). As this guy says: The question that seemingly NEVER occurs to the radical free-marketeers as they lay waste to those onerous government rules: "Why were the regulations put there in the first place?". There were usually pretty good reasons.
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    1. 19 Jun 2008, 9:10 PM WryMouth wrote:
      Yeh; Enron again.

      It's hard to believe, if you listen to the "cap and trade" Global Warming proposals, how reminiscent they are of the last, hysterical designs of Enron before the augured into the ground: futures on weather. What a preposterous idea!

      Enron seems to be the poster child for a (probably) initially well-intentioned plain old business that went absolutely off the rails (apologies to any former railroad employees who might be reading this). There's an old proverb about how one should not want to live a life that leads to one becoming a Proverb (ostensibly a proverb cautioning against disastrous behavior). Enron has become that sort of proverb.

      I hope at least some people are still listening.


      Regards the original post, the "Bluff" part is incidental. I am still rooting for a Man-On-the-Moon drive toward oil, coal, nuclear and "alternative" energy development that makes us second-to-none, while at the same time returning our corn production to the "Food" side of the ledger, as opposed to the "Burning for Fuel" side.

      I'll take a presidential stance that says leave it up to each state; even if the Gubernator nixes exploration and development in Calyfohrneeia, I am sure the Alaskans will gladly take up the slack and sell us oil products, at least until enough gobmint leaders in CA realise they are sitting on a goldmine of state income.

      I look forward to the day when Alaska has indoor ski resorts, instead of Dubai. Well -- that's not entirely accurate. Dubai can keep theirs, too.

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