The curriculum catalog is here! The curriculum catalog is here!

Part of the cross of being credentialed to develop young minds is that I get stuff.  In the mail. Ugh.

The Social Studies focal material for our grade 4-8 youngsters includes packages of bulletin board protraits including 

Famous Hispanic Americans
Adina De Zavala; Roberto Clemente; Evelyn Cisneros; Jamie Escalante (no, really); Rita Moreno (no really, but they apparently draw the line at Rachel Welch - I personally would rather they go with Rachel or even Selma Hayek, WOW!); and Bill Richardson (I guess it's lucky he didn't get the nomination, although I think the Veep slot is still open;  imagine all those bulletin boards requiring equal time...  tsk.) I'm always amazed that Cesar Chavez never gets any love outside of California.

Famous Female Americans [not really, they entitled it Famous Americans Women [sic], but I'm pretty sure none of these were English  ack, er LANGUAGE ARTS teachers.]
Amelia Earhart; Eleanor Roosevelt; Sacagawea (no, really - and they changed the way you're supposed to pronounce it, by the way, like when Joe Th"ee"sman became Joe Th"eye"sman or more like when Tony DORsett became Tony DorSETT but not at all like when Bobby Moore became Ahmad Rashad); Dr. Sally Ride; and... well... heh, well... they just sort of, well...  they made a portrait of Oprah Winfrey.  I have no idea why, but there she is, ready to be enshrined on your children's bulletin boards.

of course, the only other category the publishers could think of is
Famous African Americans

Pretty gutsy of them to go with Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington; Jackie Robinson and Sojourner Truth.  Add in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Marian Anderson.  No shock value among these (Jesse Jackson, Maya Angelou, Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, Tawana Bradley or Al Sharpton) although it looks like Frederick Douglass just might not be the "right kind" of African American anymore...  (don't tell them what B. T. Washington wrote - he'll miss the cut next year.)

Update: Science and Geography
Oh, the inaccuracies:  Pluto is still part of the Solar System:  I see it listed with the planets in several science resources.

and - all the maps of the United States have only 50 states, not 57.

SOOO  out of date.  tsk.

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  • 8 Jul 2008, 9:43 AM WryM wrote:
    But... you never told us the proper WAY we're supposed to pronounce Sacagawea... is it: SAC-agawea... Sac-A-gawea... Sacagawe-A?!

    If you don't mind my saying so, these things always look like they were scrabbled together at the last minute...
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    1. 8 Jul 2008, 10:43 AM raymurgy wrote:
      se-CAH-ge-wah instead of SACK-a-ja-we-ah.

      I betting the new pronunciation is just as much of a guess and bastardization as the traditional... we're *all* gringoes when it comes to pronouncing non-English names and terms.
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