The Rise of the Third party: The Greens Throw Their Hat Out of the Ring and Into the Dustbin of History

I've commented often, in person and in print, about the election year cycles of 2008 and 2012 being a prime era for legitimate third political parties to make a run at gaining ground in federal and local politics.

Among the parties I've counted as "legitimate," although I personally find their planks disagreeable, are the Green Party.

Now I can toss them out of the "legitimate" camp, I suppose, but that is actually more onerous to me than pleasurable.

But what else can I do, now they've announced their Presidential candidate — in a key election cycle, mind you — is Cynthia McKinney?

McKinney, 53, held off three rivals to win the party's nomination during its convention in Chicago, Illinois. She picked journalist and activist Rosa Clemente as her running mate.


"The United States needs an alternative party," [Green Party spokesman Scott] McLarty said. "The narrow two-party system we have right now has not served us very well."

What Mr. McLarty failed to add was, "and the Green Party has no interest in being that alternative party!"

Guess who the SF Greens are supporting in a run against Nancy "Who Could Possibly Be More Camera-Hogging and Ineffective and Polarizing Than I" Pelosi? That's ri-ight...

I am hoping the Constitution, Libertarian and the Independents do far, far better. It's not about shocking people and the press, folks; it's about gaining traction in an opportune time.

hat tip to the Infinite Monkeys for bringing up a painful subject I was trying to ignore.

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