One for Laxsaltman: DFC Awarded to A-10 Pilot

“It’s an honor to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for doing the job I’m trained to do.”

Via Exurbanleague, an Arizona blog, comes this tid-bit of the sort of casual courage to which I aspire, and also a nice Thunderbolt story for Laxsaltman, once he can tear his eyes away from the 30mm Gatling-gun type cannon in the photo:
"The real reward was returning those six coalition soldiers safely to the village they were working at as part of the provincial reconstruction team"

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  • 24 Jul 2008, 4:21 PM Laxsaltman wrote:
    Right up my alley,Wry. Thanks for the picture.Haven't read the link yet,but also known affectionally as the "warthog" or "the Hog", nothing like seeing or hearing the 30 mike-mike gatling cannon's depleted uranium ammo rip through tanks,trucks,people.....They occasionally land over here at the air base near my homestead with the approach about 800-1000' over my roof..........schwinnnngg!!!also notice the AVG type shark teeth.
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