Californianing (Sigh) Again: Los Angeles City Council Tries Unsuccessfully to Out-Nanny the San Francisco Council by Banning Fast Food Restaurants from South (Central) Los Angeles

"Have it our way," says the LACC

"Take that!" says the Los Angeles City Council, trying to wrest the coveted "most socialist city council" belt away from the perennial contenders in San Francisco and Berkeley:

Los Angeles has stepped up the war on obesity* declared by American cities by preparing to ban any new fast food restaurants in its poorest and unhealthiest district

Planners in America's second largest city have backed an unprecedented moratorium on the opening of new outlets of chains such as Burger King and KFC in South Los Angeles, in an attempt to encourage better eating habits among the area's mainly black and Hispanic population.
For those of you out of the loop, a while ago Los Angeles hoi polloi began to refer to South Central Los Angeles as South Los Angeles, hoping that most people would somehow think that the South Central district had magically been replaced with a new, hep, non-blighted South Los Angeles.

But you UCLA fans know better: it's still that area around USC; still plagued mysteriously — for no known reasons — by gang violence, poverty, broken, single-parent homes, and sub-standard housing. The current city council of LA is as mystified as past councils have been. But we know better...

Hint: the neighborhood is around USC. Do I have to spell it out for them?


In a truly, wonderfully, leftist bureaucracy, the best way to shape society is to force behavior changes upon large swaths of people:

In Los Angeles the full council is expected on Tuesday to approve the restrictions across a 32 square-mile area of the city, where fast-food eateries currently make up 45 per cent of restaurants.

Officials have received inquiries from other American cities which are considering adopting a similar law.
So; you scoff at us? Well, don't scoff for too long — your elected officials are looking out for you, too!

So the council is expected to restrict trade in 32 square miles of city, and sit back and wait for the applications from Whole Foods and fine vegetarian restaurants to pour in... I am sure this plan will work, he said archly.

My gut feeling is that, if those restaurants felt like moving into South (Central) Los Angeles — if they had discerned a market need there they could fulfill — they probably would have done so already. A need, mind you, that outweighs the investments in structure, employment, insurance against fire, rioting, robbery, etc., advertising, etc., etc.

Restaurant owners tend to be smart people.

There is another angle to this, as well, one that tells you that the Log Angeles City Council operates in some sphere removed from the citizens it wishes to protect from themselves: most of the fast-food establishments there in South (Central) LA, as well as everywhere else, have more than burgers on their menus. They have salads galore, and yogurts, and fruits, and bottles of water.

Look for LA, and other cities to follow, to take the next logical step: they have to ban the fast-food restaurants from selling burgers and fried chicken.

I am sorry, as a native Californian, that my state continues to do this to the rest of you. I apologize on behalf of those who unthinkingly put these people in office where they get the idea that they are better than the rest of us, and somehow gifted with social engineering skills.

* BTW, look for that "War on Obesity" thing to turn out as well as the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs and all other Wars on Adjectives. People should stick to wars on proper nouns, IMHO.

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  • 8 Aug 2008, 5:46 AM rowan wrote:
    I am commenting here on two counts: an obese person who is also sort of out on a limb in the war against the adverb. I feel so sorry for their besieged-ness, that I was on the point of sneaking up the 'diet chemical food' aisle, targeting the "Slimfast" display, peeking around in a furtive manner, then whipping out my spray-can to rename each bottle on the shelf, "Slimquickly."

    Have a few thoughts on the burger thing. Yep, fast food outlets don't make people fat, per-se. I mean, I am impecunious, fat,listless and indolent and I don't even eat there. :0P If there is a bureaucratic urge for social engineering on this matter, the outlets could be built at the summit of an artificial hill, and then there would be, in addition to pre-prandial expendage of calories, the added bonus of a nice view. If they painted out the retina-scorching red and yellow of those places, designed to have folks eat and go, then I might be tempted to go have a leisurely deep-fried Mars Bar for my lunch. : )
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    1. 9 Aug 2008, 12:40 PM WryM wrote:
      Rowan for City Councilwoman! Your idea of building on hills is genius -- every Burger King in his own "Edinburgh Castle!"

      I am not sure you ever got to your second point, however, which makes me sad, because that would mean that I missed out on some pithy (Picty) comment or other of yours, and that would diminish my world a bit.

      Here's to eating what and how you want, and dying Like A Man!*

      *(for the other readers, not you, dear Rowan, I will remind them that "Man" used to have a broader, more inclusive meaning.)
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  • 10 Aug 2008, 2:02 PM rowan wrote:
    Glad o yer vote!

    Man! I am blinking in the gloom. Wry, this spot-on analysis must be some sort of finely-honed form of the Maths teacher's sixth-sense for knowing when someone has given an answer without adequately 'showing the working'. (Am having a deja vu moment, reliving many instances of cribbing the answers from the back of the book, the working-out bit being beyond my ken. :o))

    Yeah...I was indeed getting up a head of steam, circling towards the hazy second point which would duly emerge in some form of clarity at the end of my ponder. However, I had a sudden yen to be concise, for once, and deleted some stuff. And so...I got a sort of answer, but perhaps not the pithy one which would hopefully have surfaced had I indeed stuck with the workin-oot. Michty me! Talk aboot bein rumbled! :0D
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