Larry "Seymour" Vincent's Fright Night

It's not much, barely anything. But I'll take what I can get:


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  • 25 Feb 2010, 10:48 AM Laxsaltman wrote:
    One of my memories....I only can remember two of 'em.... Was the scene where the mummy is dragging along,doing the "mummy Shuffle" in a field and coming across a gate with "Don't Fence Me In"playing in the background...Also,I think it was during the showing of "The Brain From Planet Aros" where it showed a still of Banjo Billy sitting on a stool while "If I Only Had A Brain" played.....funny stuff.
    The BW picture on the Telly reminded me of all the second-hand tv's that came and went through that living room.
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    1. 7 Mar 2010, 2:04 PM The Codger wrote:
      Another man with class "Lax". The scene you shared is, what else, funny stuff. Thanks.

      I was the father of 4 "Teen-sons" back in those days. and even though I wouldn't "let on" back then, I certainly did get a big kick of the show.

      I thank the Wry-man for the reminder. Smile on everybody. :-)
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